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Saturday, October 25, 2008

My fave painting from a festival last weekend

Finally a chance to post about the festival were me and Rebecca face painted at the Silverado Days.

This one gal was in line to be face painted and when I saw her beautiful bald head (she has alopecia) I asked if she wouldn't mind if we could paint her head - she said go for it! When we were done, she said she wanted us to paint her head EVERY day! She was a really cool chick, and also her friends who were hanging out patiently waiting for us to finish painting her were way cool too! They taught us how to "hand hug". Now I feel hip.

Rebecca did the back of her head, and her signature peacock feather on one side. I did the top, side and treble symbol, since she loves to sing. As we were painting her, she sang a Beatles song in a very eclectic version. She has a lovely voice and spirit to match. Thanks Sonora!




Monday, September 29, 2008

Face Painting at a High School Reunion Picnic


Over the weekend, I face painted at Laguna Beach High School Class of 1988's Family Picnic. It was a lot of fun! A lot of kids too!

At every event I face paint, sometimes there is one design that I did that was either a new color, a new way of painting etc. and it is my event favorite (above). This one of the lime green cheetah was my fave. I just love the color on this little lady, with her fab hair, great smile and glistening green glitter!

To make this rockin' color green I used Wolfe Essentials Light Green #057 as a base. I didn't like how flat it looked, so I put Kryolan's Interferenze Silver Green on top of it, which gave it the nice sheen look. (For my FP Friends who read my blog)


All ages of kids love face painting!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wolfe Brothers Face Painting Workshop

Me and "the Bros"


What a freakin' blast.

This past week was so much fun!

I helped co-produce the Wolfe Brothers
Workshop here in Orange County with Rebecca who invited them out. It was a face painting workshop where we were honored to have these brothers (twins!) to come out and teach us their techniques.

I can't remember the last time I laughed so much or so hard - and for those of you who know me....I have a pretty darn loud laugh!

Besides cutting up a lot, they taught us a lot. But the thing that impressed me so much, was their method of teaching. They were very encouraging and honest about our results and never made you feel like you wouldn't get it. Most of us creative types are perfectionists by nature, so when trying something new you want it to be right, right away. A line they kept saying was "the first is the worst" meaning it will take some practice to get it. So I never felt discouraged and they empowered us with so much.

If you are a fellow face painter reading this, then I highly recommend you take their class if you can. Even if you are a beginner or a seasoned painter you WILL learn a ton!

Here is a link to the photos. You can tell just from viewing the photos what fun these guys are!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Face Painting Rocks Buttons!


The Button Maker!

me so happy.....

My three-and-a half-year old daughter attempting to push it down to make a button.


Her first button!

So we made 170 buttons in about two hours. Hubby came home from work, saw all the stuff on the table then gave me the whole Ricky Ricardo "What the hell is this?" schpeel. Stood around and watched for a bit, then passively started making buttons (like he wasn't interested) - and kept going. It freed me to keep cutting with the circle cutter which speeded up the process. Then I made the small labels to stick to the back with the instructions on how to wash off.

On one of the buttons I sprinkled some yellow glitter on it. The picture looks terrible - just looks sandy/gritty. But in person, it is very SPARKLY (and anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE THE SPARKLE) and when it hits the sun or light - ZING! Sparkle goodness! This one I will wear on my apron.



The next day I face painted at my sons' AYSO Soccer Opening Day - hubby is Coach of both their teams, and of course, I am Team Mom.....

Every kid I face painted got a button so now the moms or dads know how to wash it off. Hopefully it will end up on some bulletin boards in homes all over Orange County! (BTW, this is my very fast one-minute cheetah since the line was as long as a soccer field!)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Face Painting for a Marine's Welcome Home BBQ


On Friday I donated my face painting services to a "Welcome Home Marines" BBQ for the 2/4 Marine Battalion. It was sponsored and hosted by the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce, and they called me to see if I could help out. You bet! What a worthy cause to provide face painting for the children of these families. But, I think I painted more Marines that kids!! JK.


When I was painting this darling little girl, her dad (a Marine) had to take a cell phone call outside my tent. It was just me and her, no one was in line yet and we were quiet while I was painting her. Then in a tiny, cutest, most angelic voice she simply tells me:

"My daddy is home."

I about lost it when she said that. So to cover up me being choked up, I said in a high pitch voice "I'm soooo glad! Does that make you happy?" She said mmm-hmmm.

Then I went back to finish painting her. Wow.

That made such an impact on me, a realty of how much these military families are making huge sacrifices for all of us and our country. And I imagined how much this little girl had grown up since the last time her daddy saw her so many months ago when he was deployed.

As civilians, we all "know" that they are making sacrifices but until you are up close and personal with the realities it doesn't quite register the magnitude of it.....



This was the area where I was face painting at the Ole Hanson site. Gorgeous view, eh? I love living in San Clemente. We have such a sense of community here.

Thanks to Claudia, Norma and the other lovely ladies at the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to be a part of this special event!


The next day there was an article in our Sun Post, and the Orange County Register:


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can't wait

I did it.

I ordered one.

Should be here in a couple of days......

*so excited*

A big thanks to the owner, Rebecca - she rocks.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Face Painting at the Rodeo


I had a face painting and glitter tatts booth over this past weekend at a Rodeo. Rebecca came down on Saturday to help me out and we painted away. I just love the "colorful bandannas" that I found to decorate my booth with!


I wish I could have walked around and checked out everything, but there is just no time. So I was able to take just one photo of the stadium from near our booth (zoomed in).

Here we are painting - Rebecca on the left, me on the right. Can you tell it was a hot weekend?

These girls are all friends and own horses at the stables. They all wanted their horses' names painted on their arms along with a character's name (Edward) from some book they are "obsessed" with. I need to work on my calligraphy some more...


Aren't these girlies just the cutest? Gal in the middle painted by me, the gals on the sides painted by Bec.


I think these are two of my favorite phtos of the gig:



So today I am exhausted and my back really hurts....but it was fun and it was worth it!